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closed with 208.0 point

Vdovina, 26, closed with 208.0 points, and Gschwandtner, 21, finished with 186.8.

Besides Vdovina and Gschwandtner, Du also battled with two of closest friend and teammates, Yi Siling, who finished sixth with 123.3 points, and Zhang Binbin, who led the qualification round, but only finished seventh with 101.9 points.

Du came back to shooting competition in January 2015 after two years' temporary retirement for taking care his child. "(The Olympic test event) is only my second finals at international competition, I felt a bit nervous," said the two-time Olympic gold medal winner.

Rio Olympics will be Du's fourth Games in her career and she said the mindset now is different from the former three Olympics.

"I'm keeping a peaceful mindset. For me to go back to the Olympics is not easy, I'm learning to enjoy the match."

The Role Of Quality Medical Products May 25, 2013 | Author: Tisha Greer | Posted in Customer Service

Quality medical products play a key role in ensuring a good health of many people across the world. Many countries have joined hands to fight the spread of low quality products as this means that if they flood the market it will very easy for patients to access and because they are cheap it will be possible to buy. This is risky because they are not up to the recommended standards and therefore not able to work effectively.

Government and world health organizations are working around the clock. This is to make sure that only products of good and high quality are stocked in the dispensaries, health canters, chemists and other referral hospitals. Huge amounts of money is also set aside to enable the bodies concerned with health matters acquire the recommended ones.

Therefore it has been easy for governments to chip in and through best control institutions. They have been able to control this industry thus making sure that no unqualified drugs that are circulating around any state as this is bound to hurt the economy and the industry at large. This is to make sure that patients do not just go to the hospital and get bad medicine but are able the right attention and get healed.

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