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l] , as well as a look into why y

A Nutritionist is a person that advises on matters of food and overall health. The benefits of consulting a Nutritionist include, but are not limited to, support getting you where you want to be weight and health wise, the configuration of eating plans Authentic Joe Panik Jersey , as well as a look into why you should do certain things and why you should not. A Nutritionist contributes to your well-being in a way that no other specialist can. This sort of consultation can improve your quality of life and make every day task easier. How about a little bet between us? Let s see if you know, or otherwise can guess, what object played an essential role in the building of all four items in this short list:

your computer s Hard drive
your grandfather s wrist watch
Roman Emperor Caligula s Floating Palace
San Francisco s International Airport

A little difficult, isn t it? Most likely, it s the third item that threw you off, isn t it? Don t feel discouraged, though: we haven t been able to reply, either, when we heard the same question, accompanied by a little smirk Authentic Brandon Belt Jersey , during a conversation with our friends at TreErre. It must be said, though, that they were cheating: because the answer is the very object that Treerre deals in, that is, ball bearings.

Ball bearings really are one of those items for which it s tough to decide on a specific inventor, because, more or less like is the case for the wheel, it wasn t actually created at a specific point in time, but it was developed by successive improvements. Perhaps for this very reason, we find traces of bearings in the carriages of Vandals and Goths Authentic Hunter Pence Jersey , who lived as nomads in the North of Europe mor than two thousand years ago, and mounted systems of roller bearings on their carriages wheels. Romans themselves, as we saw, knew the principle behind bearings, and implemented it, for example, on Caligula s Floating Palac, one of the famous Nemi ships. And if the Middle Ages, as in many other cases, saw this technologu Authentic Barry Bonds Jersey , and its knowledge, vanish from application, it is in the Renaissance that we find famous Leonardo da Vinci (and how could it be any different, actually) once again deducing the funding principles of bearings and applying them to some of his projects.

The technology which is needed to mass produce a truly efficient ball bearing, though, isn t trivial at all. La tecnologia necessaria a produrre in serie un cuscinetto a sfera davvero efficace, tuttavia, non ? banale. The smoothing of the metal spheres, and the required precision in assembly, proved a practically insurmountable obstacle to mass production for several centuries after the times of our Leonardo Authentic Willie Mays Jersey , actually until August 3rd 1869, when Jules Suriray, a bicycle mechanic from Paris, was granted a patent for a tue ball bearing system. It can be nice to note an immediate triumph: Suriray mounted the newly patented bearings on the bicycle which, three months later, Moore mounted to win the Paris Rouen, the first bicycle race in history. And it was finally in Sweden, forty years later, that Sven Wingquist, aged thirty Willie McCovey Jersey , founder of SKF, the largest manufacturer of Ball Bearings in the world, patented the self aligning ball bearing which we still use today.

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