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Cardinals placing RB Peterson on injured reserve

1. Opinionated. Unafraid. Concise. He understands why we're there. NBA coaches typically are terrific. Hubie Brown was one of the great interviews in history. He was so good that when he finished his post game analysis, there wasn't much left to ask.

2. David Carr His quotes aren't always the best, but the guy is nevertheless amazing. He's always available. He always stands up and takes the heat. I've written some tough, tough stuff about this guy, and he has never reacted negatively in any way. He sees talking to the press as his way of talking to the fans. He understands it's not always going to be pleasant. He's a class act. His quotes aren't as good as those of some of his teammates, but he more than makes up for it because of the circumstances in which he has talked.

3. Shane Battier And you wonder why we like Duke jocks? They're smart, articulate, friendly, classy. Grant Hill is cut from exactly the same cloth. Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird played the game better than any four athletes who've ever lived. Wait, Pete Rose might have been the best ever. They were available and open and funny. They understood that media relations is pretty much what you make them.

4. Tim Purpura He hasn't learned to lie. If you ask him a direct question, he answers it. He doesn't get irritated by those of us (that would be me) who ask the same question eight different ways. His predecessor, Gerry Hunsicker, was extremely popular for many of the same reasons.

5. Lance Berkman Funny. Likes to talk. Smart. Available. Articulate. There are about eight dozen reasons we're lucky to have this guy in Houston. Being a terrific interview is one of them.

6. Dunta Robinson It's tough putting football players on this list because they're not as available. We have to catch them during brief locker room periods or in walking off the field. It's almost impossible to have a relationship wholesale jerseys with a player. We're part of the process in the NBA and MLB. There's pre game availability, post game availability and post wholesale nhl jerseys practice time to chat. Robinson is the best of the Texans. He has opinions, and he seems to like to talk.

7. Tracy McGrady He gets it. He's very conversational, fields questions with ease and tries to please. I don't know what he was like early in his career, but his interviews are a little like his player on the floor. He makes it look easy. The Rockets have spoiled us by getting so many players who are easy to deal with.

8. Brad Lidge He had a hellish year. Never once did he snap or wholesale nfl jerseys blame the media. He stood there night after night and talked about everything, both the good and the bad. It was easy to understand why his teammates root so hard for him.

9. Dave Maggard He gets it, too. UH has the best media relations department in the country. If you need something, even an idea for a column, they help you. Art Briles and Tom Penders are as available as any two Division I coaches in the country. Maggard is my favorite. He's great at both giving you quotes and in giving you enough background to help you know the things you don't know.

10. Rice athlete I hate to stereotype, but there's a common thread running through the players at Rice. They're smart, talkative, informative. I'm not saying academics is more a part of a student athletes life at Rice than other places because I just don't know. It is a huge part of life at Rice. Wayne Graham said he has learned that around finals, his players pretty much zone him out. "Their minds are someplace," he said.

If the Tennessee Titans ever allow Pacman Jones to step back on the field, that franchise will be revealing some awful things about its values. It doesn't matter what happened or didn't happen at that strip club in Las Vegas. This guy has been involved in too much. He has had too much chances.

The New York Daily News has the story of bouncer Tommy Urbanski, who was left paralyzed after a shooting in a club in which Pacman Jones was partying. on Monday, shortly after Jones and his entourage had returned for the second time in the hours after the NBA All Star Game. It is still unclear what happened in the next hour. If Tommy Urbanski leaves the hospital alive, he will probably never walk again.

Is Steve Nash headed for a third straight MVP award?

He's averaging a career high tying 18.7 points per game and leading the NBA with 11.9 assists per game. That's the most since John Stockton averaged 12.3 dishes in the 1994 95 season.

No NBA guard has averaged at least 18 points wholesale jerseys China and 11 assists since Magic Johnson (22.5 points, 12.8 assists) and Kevin Johnson (20.4 points, 12.2 assists) did it in 1989 90.

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