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How Solar Cell Texturing Can Benefit Semiconductor Industry How Solar Cell Texturing Can Benefit Semiconductor Industry January 6 Tyler Seguin Jersey , 2014 | Author: Roy van Rivero | Posted in Education
Many companies in various industries are using alternative energy as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of green energy for sustainable development. However, industry innovators continue to face the challenge of refining their processes so that companies are able to use these energy sources in the most efficient ways.

In the sector of semiconductor, one important process that has been developed for the industry to use is solar cell texturing. In simple terms, it is a process of ‘roughening’ of the surface of the silicon substrate to minimize reflection. With textured substrate Patrik Nemeth Jersey , reflection is reduced by increasing the chances of reflected light bouncing back onto the surface – instead of letting it bounce back to the surrounding air.

Here are some benefits of solar cell texturing

Efficiency – since there is less energy reflected out into the environment, textured solar cells can collect more energy from the sun; thus, it is far more efficient than when flat silicon substrates are used.

Lower cost – one of the main considerations by pv equipment manufacturers as they work for continued improvements of their products for textured solar cell manufacturing; they continue to design equipment that can minimize the cost without compromising efficiency.

Environment-friendly – green processing plays a crucial role for the attainment of sustainable development and solar cell texturing is one that promotes such advocacy. Alternative energy promotes a cleaner and greener environment, a program that companies should integrate in their processes.

Types of solar cell texturing

Single crystalline substrate — this type is done by etching along the faces of the crystal planes. The crystalline structure will produce a resulting surface that is made up of pyramids when aligned appropriately with respect to the internal atoms.

Inverted pyramid – with this type Patrick Sharp Jersey , the pyramids are etched down into the silicon surface as opposed to the single crystalline substrate where the silicon substrates are etched pointing upwards from the surface.

Multi-crystalline substrate - this type can be done using a photolithograpic technique; it can also be processed by mechanically sculpting the front surface using dicing saws or laser to cut the surface into appropriate shape.

Roy Van Rivero writes a wide variety of industry-related topics. He uses his experience working in the industry in his writing tasks. To learn more about recirculating bath etching, solar cell texturing, visit MT Systems – a website run by a wet process company based in Fremont, CA.

When it comes to talking and discussing the commercial roofing techniques and systems Neal Broten Jersey , there are a lot of roofing techniques involved which are applied by the professionals. No matter whether the advanced or conventional roofing technique is being applied, the basic steps and systems remain the same. Experts and professionals have given some points for the renovation of roofs of both the industrial as well as domestic buildings and if these steps are followed accurately and according to the instructions of experts, then it can result in a flawless rifacmento tetti of the building. Some major steps included in the renovation of roofs are as follows:
Over cladding
Over cladding is the simple procedure in the technique of roof installation. In this step a layer of commercial roof is added over the already present layer of roof which is also commercial layer. In this regard it is very important to note down the age of a building. Usually it some happens that the buildings which are more than 25 years old, sometimes the cladding of roof begins to deteriorate and this deterioration sometimes reaches to such a point where the need of over cladding is felt and if it is not done in time Mike Modano Jersey , the roof structure can be damaged.
In some buildings the existence of asbestos in the roofs is a common occurrence which must be managed. Generally bonifica amianto is important because it can release certain harmful chemicals in the form of fibers which can make the repairing of roof difficult. In some roofing companies there are qualified rimozione eternity contractors who have specialized in the roofing of commercial buildings.
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